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Dear Girls,

I was a single lady for 27 years before I met my now-husband. Because of that long journey, I deeply understand and empathize with you -- with the questions, frustrations, joys, sorrows, challenges, excitements, adventures, and agonies of being a single adult and waiting for the "right one" to find you. Oh, how hard it is sometimes! But how beautiful at times, too, right?

Below, I've compiled a list of the blog posts I have written relating to singleness, relationships, and waiting. I hope you find in them encouragement and companionship. Please, feel free to leave comments or even send me a personal email. I would love to chat with you about your life, experience, and questions as a single lady. Each journey is unique, and YOUR journey matters.

With love,

All the Days of My Life

...this note I still have written in the margin of my Bible:  "I am to love my future husband and seek his highest good all the days of my life, even before I know him."   (read more...)

We are Not Through the Story Yet

God knows what it is I want, the thing I'm waiting for, praying for.  Oh, what an ache wanting can bring.  He has His reasons for not giving it to me yet.  (read more...)

Hold All Things Loosely

Clinging isn't pretty.  Neither is God having to literally pry it out of our white-knuckled hands.  Surrender is hard, but beautiful.  (read more...)

On Singleness...

Yes, there have been moments in life that I have stomped my feet at God and told I'm that I'm sick of being alone.  There have been moments I've told Him I didn't want to learn any more "lessons" from "the gift of singleness."  (read more...)


Paul might have learned the secret of being content no matter what... but apparently I have not learned that secret yet, at least not in the area of singleness. I still pray that God will teach me that secret.  (read more...)

It's the Day of Roses and Hearts

Valentine's day isn't about who has a boyfriend, and who wants a boyfriend, or who had a boyfriend. It's about love, simple as that.  (read more...)

My Dream Guy

Most women probably have a dream of marrying someone gorgeous and muscular and perfect... until they meet a guy and fall in love, and suddenly that person is their dream.  (read more...)

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