Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Freezer Full of Fish!

What's that saying about teaching a man to fish?

Well, no one taught us how to fish -- in fact, we tried but didn't catch a single one ourselves this summer -- but they sure gave us fish, enough that our freezer and pantry currently contain enough of it to feed us for the winter!

Such a blessing! We have such generous friends.

Last month, when a camp coworker gave us a couple of fresh-caught coho salmon, I got to try my hand at canning for the first time! Brett sliced up and de-boned the salmon, and I put it in the jars with a little vinegar and salt, then into the pressure cooker. Since then, we've eaten our canned fish a couple of times, in salmon dip and salmon patties. It's quite yummy!


We've been blessed with a lot of halibut, too, which we've been enjoying both baked and fried! Delicious!

God has really blessed us this fall in so many ways; the fish is just one example. I'm thankful He provides both needs and wants.

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