Monday, December 22, 2014

November & December through Photos

Greetings, blog friends!  Here's a brief update on life (married life!!) mostly told through photos....

On November 15, I said "I do" to my husband Brett.  It was a gorgeous fall day, though much colder than we anticipated!  But even despite the shivering at the altar, it was beautiful and memorable.

We are so thankful for this group of people who were able to be part of our special day!  One of my bridesmaids road-tripped from Missouri to be there, and all of Brett's groomsmen traveled all the way from Alaska!  This is a special group of friends and loved ones.  Many other family members and friends traveled from Pennsylvania, Kansas, Mississippi, and other states, too.  What a great reunion. 

Brett and I are loving being married! We are learning what doing life together looks like and learning the communication, fun, challenges, and joys of marriage.  God has been so very good to us -- He has blessed me with a strong, godly leader as the husband I have been praying for, and I'm so thankful.

After our wedding, we stayed a few days in a cabin locally, then drove to Isle of Palms, South Carolina for the rest of our honeymoon.  

We had our first little Thanksgiving dinner together in our beach condo!

After the honeymoon, we were still traveling for another couple of weeks, but now it was in work mode!  Brett and I, along with most of the other Echo Ranch Bible Camp Staff, attended the Christian Camp and Conference Association's annual National Conference.  Following that week of seminars and networking with other camp professionals, our staff held our annual Winter Meetings -- another week of intense, strategic planning for the year of ministry ahead.  

As a bonus, these conferences and meetings happened to be held in Orlando, Florida this year!  A local church blessed the Echo Ranch staff with free tickets to Disney World, and we enjoyed a great day there in the parks.  It can't be all work and meetings -- camp people gotta have fun, too! :-) 

After nearly a month on the road living out of suitcases, Brett and I are finally back "home" to our little apartment in Tennessee.  We're enjoying the Christmas season here and visiting with my family and friends, while we also work on getting ready to return to Alaska soon -- things like selling my car and buying a four-wheel-drive, contacting the people we need to see on our way back, preparing for support-raising, etc.  We plan to leave Tennessee just after the New Year to embark on our cross-country road trip back to The Last Frontier.  

Life is constantly changing and the future is unknown, but I'm thankful for a life partner to share it with, and a God who holds our tomorrows.
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