Tuesday, October 28, 2014

here's the plan:

Hey friends of the blogging world.
This space has been neglected for a few months, but I'm determined to bring it back to life yet again.... especially considering the big life changes that are here now and still coming!

Newsflash:  I got engaged during the six months I didn't write on my blog!  Brett and I will be getting married in just 18 days :-)

My goal is to blog a bit over the next few weeks about our story, thoughts about relationships and engagement, wedding projects, etc.  Then, as we drive across the country back to Alaska this winter (YES, we are DRIVING to Alaska. From Tennessee. In the winter. Unless plans change again. Which they've done about 20934 times.), I hope and plan to blog stories and pictures from our travels.  It should be fun.  So if you want to keep up with us crazy, in-love, road-tripping newlyweds, follow the blog and keep checking back!  And by all means, leave comments and keep in touch -- it will inspire me to keep writing :-)

Love, Ashley

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