Thursday, March 1, 2012

total randomness.

Random Facts Running Through My Head
by Ashley

1. Mocha Cheesecake ice cream is really fancy and yummy.
2. My dog sheds a lot.
3. This thing sitting next to me that's made of cedar wood smells really good.
4. I absolutely cannot wait to be done with my AA degree in May.
5. I have Taylor Swift's song "Stay Beautiful" in my head.
6. My house is kinda messy.
7. It's going to storm again tomorrow.
8. I'm wearing completely mismatching clothes right now.
9. Cardio Ballroom Workout with Julianne Huff is super intense.
10. Today someone thought I was engaged.
11. One week from Sunday is the first soccer game of the season.
12. Pajama pants with pockets are cool.
13. It's dark outside.
14. I have a lot to do at work tomorrow.
15. Yesterday I heard "Go the Distance" from Hercules in some unidentifiable foreign language.
16. One time my family and I watched Mulan in Spanish.
17. I'm trying to learn how to French braid my own hair.
18. Rain boots are hard to drive in.
19. There's a coloring book and box of crayons on the chair next to me.
20. That's all.


  1. Haha I remember watching Mulan in Spanish! That was entertaining.
    I can French braid my hair in pigtails, but it sometimes takes me 100 tries to do so.


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