Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It's Christmas.
No, it's not actually Christmas Day yet, but it's Christmas. The season. The spirit. I love this quote from a book that I read during this season every year:
"Christmas took a long time coming. It gathered speed, and size, and volume. It gathered songs and snow and gift wrap and hope, until it was this enormous avalanche..." (from What Child is This by Caroline Cooney)

So, I'm sitting here in my house tonight, drinking egg nog, looking at my Christmas tree with its sparse ornaments -- ones I've collected over my childhood and few years of adulthood -- and listening to the dryer running as I'm doing laundry so I can pack to go home for Christmas. It has been fun to have my own little place to decorate this year, and put up my own tree for the first time.

This evening, I exchanged gifts with my camp family. Man, I love those folks. What a blessing to have my boss and coworkers as truly my friends, my family, my Christian brothers and sisters, and to know they love me. I'm sooo blessed!!

I guess I'm a bit reflective tonight, thinking about how this year is coming to a close, and all the changes that are going to take place in 2012. In a few months, I'll be leaving camp, changing jobs...probably moving out of state. Nothing is decided definitely yet as far as where I'm going, but at this point I'll say that the leaving/changing is for sure. I'm excited about that, but tonight a little bit sad, knowing how much I'll miss the people here who I've grown to love dearly. And a little nervous because everything is so uncertain... but God has good plans and I'm choosing to trust Him every moment.

There's a newer Christmas-ish song that I've discovered this week that is totally rocking my world. I've probably listened to it 20 times in the last few days. Francesca Battistelli sings it on the multi-artist album called "Music Inspired by the Story." The song is called "Be Born in Me" and it's from the perspective of Mary, Jesus' mother. It's a gorgeous song, and man, the lyrics just kind of make my heart explode. Speaking to me right where I am right now. Check it out -- Be Born in Me by Francesca Battistelli.

Thanks, friends, for taking the time to read my rambling thoughts tonight. I hope each of you has a merry and bright Christmas with those you love, and may your soul rejoice in the indescribable gift God has given us. Merry Christmas!!


  1. I wood enjoy reading that book again. I need to get another copy.

  2. Beautiful post Ashley....I know God has a plan for you and I pray His blessings on you wherever you go.....xoxo....Shine
    PS....Love the song, I've never heard it, so thank you for sharing<3


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