Thursday, September 15, 2011

my dream guy.

I'm learning about standards...or more specifically, God's standards.
Even more specifically, His standards on what's important in a person -- in a man.

Girls, if you're like me, you probably have an image in your mind of your dream guy. He's your "type," he's amazing, and he's drop-dead gorgeous. I'll give you an idea of mine:

Seriously, who doesn't want to marry a guy who looks like that?! :-)
But the truth is, only a small handful of girls get to marry the gorgeous, muscular cowboys. Chances are, I won't be one of those.
And the truth is -- well, my thinking of what the truth is, anyway -- most women probably have a dream of marrying someone gorgeous and muscular and perfect... until they meet a guy and fall in love, and suddenly that person is their dream. That guy may or may not be incredibly handsome. He may or may not be the "type" of guy that the girl envisioned herself with. But what matters is that he is a man of God, they love each other, and they share a deep connection.

Yesterday, I was reading in the Bible in Judges chapter 3. It tells about some of the battles Israel fought against their enemies. Toward the end of the chapter (I think it's verse 28), it says that the Israelites struck down 10,000 men, and all of those were "robust and valiant men."

Robust and valiant... that kinda describes that handsome cowboy in that picture, huh? What this verse says to me is that those things don't matter. The Israelites were weak and inexperienced. They were not robust and valiant! But God was with them, and in the end, that's what mattered. That's what brought the victory.

Yeah, I'd like to have a drop-dead gorgeous man. A cowboy would be nice. But you know, I'm learning and deciding that what I really want is a man who stands on the Word of God and loves the Lord with all of his being. I want a man who seeks God in everything and will walk with me through the mountains and valleys of life, secure in Christ.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

take my dreams, come and give them wings..

My prayer as I sat down with my Bible this morning -- "God, there are so many verses in Your word that say that You are with me, You have plans for me, You're leading and guiding me, all of that. And those promises are true; I believe them and could read them over and over again. But what I need right now is an actual word of guidance and direction!!"

Sunday, September 4, 2011

my week in a nutshell. and a good quote.

This past week:
Friends over at my house, swimming, filing paperwork, cleaning bathrooms, catching mice, Yoo-Hoo's, really good conversations with friends, riding in a convertible VW Bug, Salsarita's, frustrations, ambitions, good music, cleaning the pool, weed-eating, sore muscles, Avatar the Last Airbender, jigsaw puzzle, speaking Spanish, wardrobe malfunction, texting, cookie dough, petting zoo.