Tuesday, April 26, 2011

then sings my soul

I always appreciate quiet evenings at home...those evenings after getting off work when I have nowhere to go and can spend time just chilling and catching up on life. This evening I sat on the front steps and watched my dog play in the yard, did some laundry and dishes, goofed off on the computer, went to the field and shot my bow & arrows, ate leftovers for dinner while watching 1/2 of a movie (didn't feel like finishing it, haha), and played my guitar. It has been very nice!!

But after a few hours, evenings like this can sometimes start to seem a bit long and quiet and lonesome. It's on these nights that I tend to get thoughtful and introspective. Questions like who am I, and what is my purpose here, and where am I going from here... start dancing around in my head. I think about life and myself and God and the people around me. I think about the future, and wonder why I'm still alone (relationship-status-speaking). I long for an adventure. I long for something bigger, something deeper, something I can't even pinpoint or explain.

Sometimes on these quiet, thoughtful nights, I feel so full and so empty at the same time that it feels like I might explode... or implode.

And then I go to bed. And the next morning at 6:15, there is static-blurred country music playing on my radio just like always, and I get up, get ready, and go to work, and everything is fine.
Life is weird.
But it's good.
Because God is good. He's also mysterious... and so is life.

In case you're interested... this video has really blessed me this week and I wanted to share it. As I sat in my car last night watching an incredible lightning storm, I thought, I'm so often distracted and focused on unimportant things. How can I look at what's before me and around me and NOT focus on "how great Thou art"?? He is great.


  1. Great post Ashley! Your zeal for our Savior encourages me.

    I am a lot like you in this regard. I enjoy nights of introspection as well, although I much rather enjoy being with people. Grace and I are thankful for you!

  2. I like the style you wrote this post in. Hehe that sounds a little strange, but I don't know how to exactly say what I mean.

    You're a good writer. :)

    And this post is so true!!


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