Monday, February 14, 2011

it's the day of roses and hearts.

So, it's Valentines Day once again. How did I spend it? Worked alone in the office until 4... ran a couple of errands...cooked a frozen pizza for my dinner...watched a terrible movie. Oh, and I'm sick with a cold, too.
But I'm not complaining :-)
Really -- I expected this Valentines Day to be tough emotionally, but it hasn't been. Most of the day I haven't even thought about the fact that it's the 14th. It was just another day.
God used my sweet friend Amanda to help alter my attitude toward V-day a bit. She sent me a message on Saturday that really made me smile and encouraged me. Here's part of what she said:
Valentine's day isn't about who has a boyfriend, and who wants a boyfriend, or who had a boyfriend. It's about love, simple as that. I mean in a sense anyone you love can be your valentine, whether its friends, family, or a significant other, or even GOD. So I hope this Valentine's day you don't find yourself eating a gallon of ice cream, or a package of cookie dough, instead take the time to tell those in your life that you love them!! :) And then that day will come where you get a guy, and then your perspective on the holiday can change. I know he (whoever he is) is out there. God is continuing to work on you and him to create the husband you will need, and the wife he needs! I am convinced that True Love, no matter how long the wait, is worth the wait! This year I'm not sad, I am blessed and glad that I am loved.

I'm so blessed to have godly friends who are walking this "single" journey alongside me, and that we can encourage each other along the way :-)
I hope and pray that each one of you who reads this is aware of just how beloved you are.
Because Valentines Day isn't about boyfriends and girlfriends. It's about love. And GOD IS LOVE.


  1. And, your mom and dad and sisters LOVE you to pieces! I know...Mom's aren't supposed to say that in public. But, oh, well. : ) You are a precious gift!

  2. I actually was thinking today that I'm happy im not in a relationship with the wrong person. So i guess for me, today was celebrating the fact I wasn't with the wrong person while the right person waited.
    Warrior Princess day! For us strong, smart, single girls that don't need a guy to be a warrior. haha

  3. that is so beautiful and true. I needed that reminder.
    Thanks, Ashley. :)

  4. Hey Ashley just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your blog. My parents have always treated valentines as showing love to other people, usually we end up going roller skating with ending with pizza at pizza hut. This year we did something at our home, but the night ended with love that just being with a guy could have never brought. It isn't the same, but I'd rather be with friends then alone and to make a blessing. Thank you for your post, I appreciated it.


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