Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Ramblings.

Here I sit, eating Fritos with French Onion dip -- this is the salty to counteract the sweet brownie I have every intention of eating before going to bed tonight. Hey, I had vegetable soup for dinner, so it's okay... right?
I have some rather big news. Yesterday my approval letter came in from the North American Mission Board, which means I'm now officially a missionary, assigned to Camp... where, yes, I have already been working, but I will now, as a NAMB missionary, be transitioning from part-time to full-time, and will also be living at Camp, and raising support for myself. I'm excited! But more like kind of going back and forth between excited and nervous. This has been "in the works" for a couple months, but today it's HERE and NOW. I've been keeping this whole thing relatively quiet until the approval came in, so now that it's in and I've announced it to the world (aka Facebook), it's like, wow. It's for real, actually happening now.
I'll be moving within the next couple of weeks... and I've never lived alone before. I'm excited to "strike out on my own", but nervous about how quiet and lonely it will be at times. About how much I'll miss hugging and giggling with my little sisters, and talking with my parents every night while we watch crime shows together. I'll miss the familiarity of "home" and my own room that I've lived in for 21 years.
But I know we'll all adjust. And I'm excited to have my own little place to decorate and to make it "home".... for a while, at least :-) Speaking of which, I'm documenting the moving-in process in photographs, so I'll try to post a few here later. Except I forgot to take a picture of the guys moving my couch in today. Stink.
Okay, moving on to another subject. Umm.. I got mail today! You know, in this age of electronic everything, it's still so much fun to get real mail. When it's not a bill or a bank statement, of course. Today, I got a card from my sweet friend Amanda. It made me happy. When I opened the mailbox and saw that envelope sitting there, I actually announced aloud to whoever was listening (which was no one), "I got a letter from Amanda!" haha. So here's a challenge for you: why not write a real, legit, snail-mail letter to someone this week? It's fun, and definitely a day-brightener for the recipient.
Just so you know, it took me about 5 tries to spell recipient. I'm normally a very good speller, but that one threw me off a little.
Speaking of which, I find that good spelling and good grammar is very attractive in a man.
I think I shall go for now. I shall put away the Fritos and dip, and try to avoid the brownie for just a little while longer... but rest assured, it will be eaten before my head hits the pillow tonight.
Good night and God bless.
~your random, tired friend Ashley


  1. I liked this quite a bit. I've never read your blog before, but I'll certainly start now!
    "I find that good spelling and good grammar is very attractive in a man." I'm glad I'm not the only one. :]

  2. You make me laugh.

    Your mom and dad will most certainly miss talking to you every night....but, just for the record, we don't watch crime shows every night. haha. And, your sisters will definitely miss your time!!

    I totally think you should make them pick the couch up and move it again, so you can take a picture. They can even just back it up to the door, and pretend like the just moved it in. I'm sure they'd be perfectly happy to do that! Don't you??!!

    That's like me trying to spell restaurant....but, I think I've finally learned how this year. (Was that right?!)

    I love you to teeny tiny pieces!

  3. I love your blogging Ashley. Makes me wanna ramble blog now, I haven't blogged in a week.
    I'm def. excited to see the pictures of the progress.

  4. This makes me want to do a rambling post. haha.
    And I agree about the snail mail! I love old fashioned love. :)

    Congratulations on your "new" job and home of your own! So exciting. :)


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