Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank you Love89...and goodbye.

My favorite radio station is "Love89," a local Christian music station that has been playing in our area for 18 years. As of tomorrow, Love89 will be going off the air, and nation-wide Christian radio will take over. I'm so disappointed about this, as are many others. And so, this blog post is in honor... or in memory... of Love89.
I started listening to this station in my car probably about 3 or 4 years ago. At first I didn't know most of the songs that were played, but as I kept listening, I started learning a lot of the songs, as well as "getting to know" the DJ's. It's really impossible to say what a BIG and what a GREAT part of my life Love89 has been since then. I listen in the car almost everywhere I go, and often stream it from their website while at work. I have been encouraged when I was discouraged, sang and laughed joyfully when I was happy, laughed when I felt like crying, and been challenged and uplifted so many times.
I'm VERY thankful that Christian music will still be played. But I will definitely miss the local, personal touch and the fabulous DJ's -- dear friends I look forward to "hearing" each day.
"Marshall and Marisa in the Morning"..... have kept my drive to work fun and interesting. More than once I've laughed my head off while alone in my car. Other drivers probably thought I was nuts :-) Definitely my favorite portion of Love89's programming.
"Marisa in the Midday"..... has blessed me so much. She's so sweet and so real. I got the privilege of meeting her in person once, several years ago, but her love, honesty, and sense of humor over the radio has been a great blessing and encouragement.
"Kris on the Afternoon Drive"..... is always a lot of fun, too, as I listen to him on my way home from work. Always hoped he would call my town in his "community call-out" but he never did, on the days I was listening, anyway :-)

So, THANK YOU to all the staff and DJ's of Love89. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on events in the area and for sharing opportunities to serve our community. Thanks for encouraging us and keeping us focused on God and on the good in life. Thanks for playing fantastic songs. Thanks for being you and for letting God use you in ginormous ways. I will miss you so much!!!
Love, Ashley


  1. WOW! Thank you Ashley, what a great honor it is to have you blog about us in the first place , but to see how God has used it in your life is AWESOME!
    Thank you for listening, for caring, for walking thru life with us, for allowing us to be family - we are blessed and are praising Him for all He has done :)

  2. I am right with you, girl!
    I'm very thankful that Christian music will still be played on the station, though!


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