Tuesday, December 21, 2010

one of THOSE days..

"Behold, I have placed within you a spring of living water. For My Spirit shall be a continual flowing forth of life from your innermost being. This I have promised to all My children, and this you may experience as you claim it by faith... It is My life I am giving to you. It is not an emotion; it is not a virtue...it is Myself. Divine grace, heavenly love, infinite mercy, fathomless peace -- all these will spring forth unbeckoned and irrepressible out of the depths within you because My Spirit has taken residence there. If there is dryness within your soul and you do not have this life flowing forth, you need not grieve or chide yourself for being empty. Fill up the empty place with praise...The King will enter and bring His glory. The Rose of Sharon shall bloom in your heart, and His fragrance will be shed abroad."

This was the devotion I read early this morning, before heading to work. Turned out to be a timely one, because today was...um... definitely not the best day I've ever had. I definitely needed some of that divine grace and heavenly love today!! to deal with the disappointment, hurt, frustration, and even anger that came at me.
But God is good. God is faithful. And it's all gonna be okay cuz He's got it all under control. I'm secure in His hand no matter where I am!

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