Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I decided I should probably update again so y'all won't think I'm sitting around depressed, after my last entry. haha.
It's definitely starting to look a LOT like Christmas around here! We actually had our first snow of the season yesterday!! It accumulated a little on the roofs and porch rails, but melted away pretty quickly. Boy, has it been cold, though! We went and got our tree tonight, and Daddy is putting the lights on it as we speak :-) The rest of the decorations got put out a few days ago. Christmas music is playing on all the radio stations, and there's egg nog in the refrigerator. Yayyy!! :-)
Yesterday, we went shopping for bridesmaid dresses -- Briana, Mama, and Holly (another bridesmaid), and myself. It was a really fun girls day! Holly and I tried on sooo many dresses, but Briana still hasn't found "the one" yet. But it was a fun day with lots of giggles and jokes and one-liners. haha.
Today at work, I prepared the camp Christmas cards that we will send out to all our staff and supporters/donors. Six hundred and thirty nine Christmas cards. It took me all day to get that mail-out ready!!! And that's the third big mail-out I've done this month. The other two were the end-of-the-year-asking-for-donations letter and the Staff Midwinter Retreat invitation. I'm super excited about the retreat!! It's always such a great weekend :-)

Question for anyone reading this: How do you say the word caramel? Is the first syllable "care" or "car"?


  1. I say it Car. When I'm being sill I say Care, but that's not the way I naturally say it.

    Sounds like you have a enjoyable and busy season!


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