Sunday, December 19, 2010

all things Christmas

Currently: at my sister's house, making M&M cookies, and listening to Christmas music on the radio. Briana is directing her first play - the Christmas play at her church, and they are performing tonight. We are here to give her support by watching the play :-) Tomorrow, going to the bridal shop to get measured for bridesmaid dresses!
Briana is coming home with us to spend Christmas at home. Troy (her fiance) and his sister and my grandparents will also be at our house at various points during this coming week. Add last-minute shopping, baking goodies, and possibly a bit of snow, and it will definitely be a busy Christmas week! What are you guys doing for Christmas?
Thought from church this morning: Christmas is a milestone in the bigger story -- GOD'S story, the one that began before the foundation of the world and is still being written today. And we are a part of it!! It's not just the Christmas story, it's HIS story that He has made us participants in. How awesome of a thought is that?

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