Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 19

Day Nineteen... Something You Miss.

Okay, writing this post could make me cry. I've been feeling very sentimental for the past few days about my childhood, my family, growing up, etc. Maybe it's because my sister is getting married soon. Maybe it's because I'm getting ready to move out on my own soon. Maybe a combination. But lately I've just been missing the childhood days -- the days when Briana and I spent hours and hours playing with our Barbies or American Girl dolls, or playing outside imagining up elaborate stories that we would act out. In our teen years, those games turned into creating movies with the family video camera. I miss those times. I miss my best friend being with me every day. It's just crazy to think that all of that is over now, and not coming back. Seems now like it was too short.
But life keeps moving on. (isn't that a line from a song or something?) We're all growing up, and moving on, too. Following God, following our dreams. I'm about to move out and be working in a full-time ministry position... Briana is planning a wedding... Marissa is now a teenager with dreams of her own... Daniella will be a double-digit before we know it. I'm excited to see where the Lord leads each of us! And just pray that we will always stay close as sisters and friends, even if we're living far apart.

Right now I'm wanting to hold on to my childhood and wanting to be an adult at the same time. I guess I *am* an adult... but it sure is weird sometimes! :-)

PS: I didn't cry :-)

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