Monday, October 11, 2010


Why is it that the only guys who ever tell me I'm beautiful are ones that I'm not interested in or can't be with? I mean, it's flattering to be told that by anyone... but it would certainly be nice if it came from someone who was actually a possibility. Know what I mean?


  1. I've so been there, done that - and I know it stinks! You are beautiful though!

  2. Hey Ashley~
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am trying to get back into blogging again, because, truthfully, I miss it a lot. Hopefully I can!
    I am a tad bit scared to fly by myself, since it's also my first time on an airplane, but I'm sure that everything will be just fine. Ha..I hope.

    I know this probably doesn't help, but I think you're beautiful! :D

    Love ya!


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