Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 7

Day Seven - Favorite Movies

Considering it's late and I'm not feeling so great and about to go to bed... and this is a very simple topic... I'm not going to do any explaining, just going to offer you a list of my favorites :-)

In no particular order:
- Fiddler on the Roof
- Little Women
- The Sound of Music
- Facing the Giants
- A Walk to Remember
- Ever After
- The Lake House

I really haven't seen many recent movies. My friends are often teasing me about that -- good-naturedly, of course! When someone asks me "have you seen ____?" my response is usually "no." Oh well! :-)

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  1. I have found too much in recent years worth watching, much less a favorite. I'm still waiting to see a really good movie from recent years..... except for Toy Story 3! : )


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