Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 3

Day Three: Your First Love

I assume this is referring to boys, as in who was the first boy I fell in love with. Well... I could tell you about my first crush, Cory... but that only lasted for a week, and I was nine. I don't think that counts as my first love :-)

The first time I actually considered myself as possibly being "in love" was at age -- hmm, I don't remember for sure -- 15 or 16, I believe. I liked this guy for a loooong time. Years. And he was the first one for whom I'd ever felt more than just a simple crush that lasted a week or two. I liked him a LOT. I thought I probably loved him.

He was a big flirt, and I loved being flirted with. I would get jealous when he talked to other girls. I wanted to marry him. The whole nine yards.

But obviously - not surprisingly -- nothing was meant to be with it. And of course I'm perfectly fine with that and thankful for it now. But that's the story of my first love.
I've loved, or at least thought I loved, a few guys since then, but here I am still a single lady :-) God is keeping me for the right one, and for that I'm grateful. Because really, He is my first and greatest love, and I'm trusting Him to write a beautiful love story for me.

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