Tuesday, October 19, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 1

Day 1 -- Introduction, Recent Picture, and 15 Random Facts

Well, here's my introduction, although most of you reading this probably already know me :-) My name is Ashley and I'm a 24-year-old child of God. I'm also a homeschool graduate and the oldest of 4 sisters. I work at a Christian camp and retreat center and I love it! Jesus is my life!!
Now for my 15 Random Facts:
1) I love chocolate, pretty much in any form.
2) I've had one magazine article published so far, and hope to publish a book one day.
3) Parasailing is fun.
4) I got a machete for my birthday -- big knives excite me.
5) Giraffes and zebras are my favorite zoo animals.
6) But llamas are very cool, too.
7) I listen to music ALL the time.
8) I accomplished a lot of "firsts" this summer -- swimming in a lake, watching Star Wars, and shooting a gun, to name a few.
9) Coconut is gross.
10) I really want a baby.
11) I absolutely love the mountains.
12) Swinging is amazing.
13) I stink at sports, but I'm kind of learning to play soccer. Sort of. Unofficially.
14) I do not watch Glee, though everyone else in the world seems to.
15) My car's name is Charlie.


  1. Ok, so I was reading these and except for the fact that I don't have a car named Charlier and have never seen Star Wars, this could be my list. We're so much alike. :)

  2. SO glad to see you doing this Ashley! Love it!

    Love ya!


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