Sunday, October 31, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 12

Day 12... What You Believe

Believe: to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something

I believe that God exists, that He is the Creator of the universe, and that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all who call upon Him.
I believe that God has put some of the most wonderful people in my life.
I believe that Camp is one of the best places in the world, and some of the best friends come from Camp, too.
I believe that God loves me more than I can understand.
I believe that laughter is good medicine.
I believe in dancing.
I believe that Christians should be Jesus on this earth.
I believe in unconditional love.
I believe in giving back rubs and long, tight hugs.
I believe that mountains are better than the beach.
I believe that music speaks when words fail.
I believe that chocolate really does make you feel better sometimes.
I believe that the man God has for me is out there somewhere and God will bring us together soon.
I believe in the power of prayer and God's faithfulness.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 11

Day Eleven... Favorite TV Shows

I've never watched a *lot* of television, but in the past year or two, I've gotten hooked on 2 shows -- Criminal Minds and NCIS. Never thought I'd like crime shows!! But I do really like those two, and just as much for the character development as the actual crime solving part.

The NCIS cast... Ziva and Abby are my favorite characters :-) And Tony too, I guess.

Criminal Minds cast.. It's hard to pick a favorite character here, but I think I'd choose Derek, JJ, and Penelope. And yes, as immature as it is, I must admit I have a bit of a celebrity crush on Derek :-)

Friday, October 29, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 10

Day 10 -- Something You're Afraid Of.

What people think.
Staying single for years to come.
Losing people I love.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 9

Day Nine... A Picture of Your Friends

I'm excited about this entry :-) I have some pretty amazing friends. Besides my bff (my sister Briana), here are some of them.

My friend Dulce. I met her on a mission trip to Guatemala, where she is a missionary. She lived here in the States for 3 years -- during which time we got to be really good friends -- but moved back to Guatemala a few years ago. This past summer, I went there to be the maid of honor in her wedding!

My friend Alisha. We met at camp, on a staff/counselor retreat. We are really not much alike, and she is 4 years younger than me, but we hit it off really well. We are crazy together :-)

My friend Amanda, who I also met at camp! (the best friends come from camp) Amanda encourages me sooo much! She sends me little messages and texts all the time to just brighten my day.. I'm so thankful for her.

Some of my guy friends from camp. It's great to have "camp brothers"!

Irene, who I met in Guatemala this past summer, actually lives in Spain! She is precious.

Lindsey and I have been friends since I was 10 years old! I got to be in her wedding too :-) We don't keep in touch now as much as we should, but I still love her!

The small group I'm part of.

God has blessed me with some GREAT friends, especially in the past year or so. I love them all :-) and am thankful that they're part of my life. I hope I can be as much of a blessing and encouragement to them as they are to me!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So, usually here at work/camp, we just have sandwiches or hot dogs for lunch. But this week I have been cooking actual meals for our maintenance guys/volunteers, and it's been really enjoyable. Yesterday I made spaghetti and today, baked chicken and mac&cheese. It was fun to see the surprise on their faces as they exclaimed, "Wow! This is a real meal!" :-) Today after I cooked and served lunch and began washing the dishes, my friend Alisha called me a "housewife." :-) But I've really enjoyed serving the guys in this way.

All right, a few lines from a song that's on my mind tonight... then I'm headed to bed.
"I never got anywhere by running away
I never learned anything without a mistake
I never loved anyone by playing it safe....
Here goes nothing, here goes everything
Gotta reach for something or you'll fall for anything
Take a breath, take a step
What comes next, God only knows
But here goes."

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 8

Day Eight -- A Place You've Traveled.

Here in the United States, I've traveled to 14 states (I think!). Never been out west, but I'd love to! My family and I have also been to Canada -- to Niagara Falls and Toronto.

But I have to say probably the most exciting and interesting places I've traveled have been my international trips. I've been to Guatemala six times and to Kenya once. I love seeing other parts of the world! Those two places and the people there have definitely changed my life, and pieces of my heart live there now :-)

The next place on my list to visit (besides the western US) is Europe! I actually have a friend in Spain, so maybe I'll start there...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 7

Day Seven - Favorite Movies

Considering it's late and I'm not feeling so great and about to go to bed... and this is a very simple topic... I'm not going to do any explaining, just going to offer you a list of my favorites :-)

In no particular order:
- Fiddler on the Roof
- Little Women
- The Sound of Music
- Facing the Giants
- A Walk to Remember
- Ever After
- The Lake House

I really haven't seen many recent movies. My friends are often teasing me about that -- good-naturedly, of course! When someone asks me "have you seen ____?" my response is usually "no." Oh well! :-)

Monday, October 25, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 6

Day 6... A Picture of Something That Makes You Smile

I thought about this one for a little bit, because truly, a lot of things make me smile. But I decided to go with kids... because kids really make me smile and laugh a lot.

my little sisters...

kids at camp... I'm so blessed that my job and calling involves working with kids.

and my friends' kids at church... esp this little one :-)

Kids are just precious... and they can teach us so much. After all, God tells us to have childlike hearts!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 5

Day 5... Your Siblings

Yay, this is a fun topic! I love my sisters to death! :-) I'm the oldest of 4 girls, and we have a lot of fun together. For the first 11 years of my life, it was just Briana and me. We have always been best friends! Oh goodness.... there's no describing all the memories, inside jokes, crazy stories, and all the things we did together as kids. One of our favorite things to do was/is making movies :-) Now we are both adults, and she is getting married next year!

^Bri and me^

When I was 11 and Briana was 7, we traveled to Guatemala to adopt my 2nd sister, Marissa, who was 7 months old at the time. It was so fun to have a baby in the house! She's growing up super fast and is a teenager now -- can't believe it. She is beautiful, and we like to talk and joke together. She's a photographer (like me) and an artist, and looooves Nancy Drew :-)

^Marissa and me^

Then, when I was 15, we brought little Daniella home from Guatemala. She was a year old. Oh, what a ball of energy she is! She moves -- and talks -- pretty much continuously. She loves animals and is passionate about many things. She also likes hugs and cuddling, and so do I, so we do a lot of that ;-)

^Dani and me^

Like I said.... I love my sisters like crazy. They are the best! I've never had a brother, but always wanted one. In the past year, God has blessed me with a few guy friends who are kind of like brothers to me, and treat me like a sister. I'm glad to have them in my life, too!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 4

I was at camp all day yesterday, first working then hanging out with friends, so needless to say, I missed yesterday's update. So, here it is!

Day 4 -- Your Parents

My parents are great! First, my dad...

People tell me I look just like my dad -- I've heard that all my life! :-) I enjoy talking with him, watching crime shows together, and arm-wrestling with him. He's super smart, and can answer almost any question I have for him. He has been my hero many times :-) and makes me laugh. We have been on 3 mission trips to Guatemala together -- priceless experiences!

My mom and I are good friends, and have become more so in the past couple of years. We talk about everything!! She is my secret keeper :-) and gives me a lot of good advice. We laugh together a lot, and she prays aloud for me every night that I'm home :-) She has talked me through many a conflict and decision.

My parents have been married for 25 years.... I love that they are committed to each other, and support each other physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I'm also thankful that they chose to homeschool us.. they have taught me so much! Love you Daddy and Mama!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 3

Day Three: Your First Love

I assume this is referring to boys, as in who was the first boy I fell in love with. Well... I could tell you about my first crush, Cory... but that only lasted for a week, and I was nine. I don't think that counts as my first love :-)

The first time I actually considered myself as possibly being "in love" was at age -- hmm, I don't remember for sure -- 15 or 16, I believe. I liked this guy for a loooong time. Years. And he was the first one for whom I'd ever felt more than just a simple crush that lasted a week or two. I liked him a LOT. I thought I probably loved him.

He was a big flirt, and I loved being flirted with. I would get jealous when he talked to other girls. I wanted to marry him. The whole nine yards.

But obviously - not surprisingly -- nothing was meant to be with it. And of course I'm perfectly fine with that and thankful for it now. But that's the story of my first love.
I've loved, or at least thought I loved, a few guys since then, but here I am still a single lady :-) God is keeping me for the right one, and for that I'm grateful. Because really, He is my first and greatest love, and I'm trusting Him to write a beautiful love story for me.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 2

Day 2: The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

"Dreams that move the mountains" is a line from a great song called "What Faith Can Do" by the Christian band Kutless. I really like the song, and this line is one of my favorites in it. I have my dreams, like we all do, but I feel like some of them are pretty impossible. But I know all things are possible with God, and He can take hold of those dreams and do something AMAZING with them for HIS glory. That's what I want! So I want my dreams to be "dreams that move the mountains."

Here's the song... enjoy! You can do ALL things through CHRIST! :-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge... Day 1

Day 1 -- Introduction, Recent Picture, and 15 Random Facts

Well, here's my introduction, although most of you reading this probably already know me :-) My name is Ashley and I'm a 24-year-old child of God. I'm also a homeschool graduate and the oldest of 4 sisters. I work at a Christian camp and retreat center and I love it! Jesus is my life!!
Now for my 15 Random Facts:
1) I love chocolate, pretty much in any form.
2) I've had one magazine article published so far, and hope to publish a book one day.
3) Parasailing is fun.
4) I got a machete for my birthday -- big knives excite me.
5) Giraffes and zebras are my favorite zoo animals.
6) But llamas are very cool, too.
7) I listen to music ALL the time.
8) I accomplished a lot of "firsts" this summer -- swimming in a lake, watching Star Wars, and shooting a gun, to name a few.
9) Coconut is gross.
10) I really want a baby.
11) I absolutely love the mountains.
12) Swinging is amazing.
13) I stink at sports, but I'm kind of learning to play soccer. Sort of. Unofficially.
14) I do not watch Glee, though everyone else in the world seems to.
15) My car's name is Charlie.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Why is it that the only guys who ever tell me I'm beautiful are ones that I'm not interested in or can't be with? I mean, it's flattering to be told that by anyone... but it would certainly be nice if it came from someone who was actually a possibility. Know what I mean?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"you know, this could be something..."

I'm lying here on my bed this Sunday afternoon listening to my Taylor Swift station on I really love Pandora. I type in Taylor Swift and it gives me not only her songs, but also Rascal Flatts, Colbie Caillat, Carrie Underwood, etc. I also have a Britt Nicole station and a Broadway station. Good stuff.

Anyway. Church was good this morning. The people who work in our international student ministry gave a report/testimony from the past year's ministry. Always good to hear what God is doing in people's lives.

You know what's frustrating? When you decide you're kinda interested in somebody, that maybe there could be something... and then you realize they're not interested back. It's not terrible like you were in love with them and they broke your heart... just an interest and then the realization that nothing's gonna happen. Just really frustrating. Maybe knowing there are no other potentials makes it more frustrating.
I'll keep waiting. God has something good in store. I just have to keep reminding myself of that again and again.

That's all for now....