Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday :-)

So I turned 24 yesterday. That seems so old, doesn't it? You wouldn't believe how many people this week have asked me my age and been shocked when I told them, responding, "you can't possibly be that old!!" haha.
Anyway, yesterday was a great day. But let me begin with the weekend. Two of my really good girlfriends and I were planning to do something special on my birthday weekend. We tried and tried to plan something, but with all of our schedules, it just didn't work out for this wknd. Has to be postponed. So I was kind of disappointed about that, not getting to hang out with friends for my birthday. Well, on Saturday morning we had a group of kids at camp, so several of the summer staff came out to help us run activities for them. It's always great to see summer staff :-) We were done with work by 11 in the morning, but ended up hanging out at camp alllll day, playing games, talking, and just goofing off. It was really fun. So I ended up getting to have a day with friends on my birthday weekend anyway -- just different friends. It was good, and now I'm still looking forward to a day with those special girls later :-)
So yesterday, I spent the day with my family. My sister even came in :-) As one of my gifts, I got the game "Just Dance" for the Wii, so we spent quite a bit of time dancing. Everyone got in on the fun, so it was great. Last night we went out for dinner at a neat little restaurant owned and run by a local lady. Great place.

Like I said, 24 seems old. I don't know why it's that much different from 23, but somehow it is. It's like now I'm officially in my mid-20's. I asked myself the other day, "I'm an adult, but why do I still so often feel so much like a child? Weak, afraid, inadequate?" I want to do big things with God and for God, and have these big dreams... I want to get out, take the next step, get started on the adventurous life God has called me to... but I feel like a small child, unprepared for any of it.
But the truth is He has been preparing me. He's been preparing me for 24 years, and that's all been part of the journey. I'm sooo thankful for this past year and all He has done, how He has changed me. But I still need His help. The summary is, "Who is adequate for these things?...Not that we are adequate in ourselves, but our adequacy comes from God." 2 Corinthians 2:17, 3:5.

Who knows what this next year holds? Only God.... but I'm anticipating it!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall

Wow, it's been a long time. Spring's gone, summer's gone, and it's the first day of fall. Hard to believe it.
MUCH has happened that I could write about in the past 5 months, but for now I'll just give a really brief update. First off -- life is good and God is good. Here we go:
1) It was an amazing summer. My first year working all 12 weeks of summer camp, and also first year on staff (rather than counselor). It was definitely the hardest and most exhausting summer of my life, but very very good, too. More detail on that later, perhaps.
2) I'm taking an online college class right now, after a year off of college.
3) My 20-year-old sister got engaged last week! So now wedding plans are the hot topic of conversation :-) I get to be her maid of honor. I'm soooo excited for her and her fiance!
4) I'm doing a lot of thinking about the future right now. Things like work and money and moving out... all that good stuff. I don't know what God has in store. I know right now I feel restless and ready to get going. But I'll wait on Him. Some opportunities have been put before me and I've got some decisions to make. Lord show me the way!!

That's about it for now. I'll try to update again soon.