Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who knew?

So this week at camp has been pretty crazy for me, working on the "summer staff" project. Who knew hiring summer staff was so complicated?!
See what paperwork everyone has or is missing. Schedule interviews. Mail paperwork. Call to verify references. Notify everyone of the training dates. Copy W4 forms. Sort through forms and references that come in the mail and add them to the correct file. Rearrange file cabinets to make room for the 2010 paperwork. Create personnel files for new staff. WOW! It can be mind-boggling and tiring... but I do enjoy it! It's a good challenge! :-)

The counselor count is rising, but we are still in need of a few more, especially guys. Please keep praying about that!

In other news... it's a beautiful spring here in East Tennessee! My youngest sister turned 9 last week, and another sister turns 13 soon. Man, they are growing up fast!! I'm getting old. haha. God is good and His lovingkindness endures forever!!! :-)

God bless,

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  1. Hey Ashley! It's me Rose from HSB! I read your article in TOS magazine! Congrats on being published! It was a great article. Well TTYL! Love the blog! ~Rose


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